Winter Kitchen Design Trends of 2018

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Winter Kitchen Design Trends of 2018

Winter Design Ideas


With summer being (sadly!) well and truly over, you may be thinking about the ways in which you can prepare or even transform your kitchen for winter. With the cold nights that are ahead as well as the chilly days, it’s only natural that you will want your kitchen area to be ready for the winter. Whether you want to have an area where you can relax and drink tea or cook up a hearty meal, there’s a number of ways that you are able to change the way that you can use your kitchen or the way that your kitchen looks.

The kitchen experts at Mode Designer Kitchens and Bedrooms have taken a look at the latest winter design trends of 2018 going on into 2019 to investigate what these trends are and how you can implement these kitchen design trends into your kitchen. We will also discuss how you can use these kitchen design trends to take your kitchen to the next level during the winter, impress guests and create a highly functional kitchen area all year round. For more information on kitchen design trends, enquire with Mode Designer Kitchens today or telephone our team directly now on: 01782 610 999


Adapting Your Kitchen for the Winter


As we have discussed in our other kitchen articles, it’s now clear to see that the kitchen has taken back its place fully as the heart of the home. With the lack of interest in dining rooms or the integration of dining room areas into the kitchen for an open floor kitchen design, the kitchen is where meals are prepared as well as likely eaten. This has seen the popularity of the kitchen island as well as other aspects such as integrated kitchens (to save space and to make the kitchen area seem more concise and tidy for guests.) These are largely reflected in some of the latest kitchen trends for winter as in the winter, it’s more important than ever to make your kitchen a cosy and inviting space for guests.


Forget 1, How About 2 Kitchen Islands?!


There’s no doubt that the kitchen island has become highly important as a highly functional area to prepare food and to entertain guests. But have you ever considered creating two kitchen islands in your kitchen area? Using a double kitchen island increases the capacity of your kitchen island area exponentially and can also allow you to create a new kitchen island space with a number of different features. It’s a great area for entertaining guests and you will be able to do more this winter with the extra capacity.


Upholstery for Your Kitchen


If you don’t quite fancy carrying out an extensive redesign of your current kitchen then do not fear. There are a number of different upholstery options and other small changes that you can make to change your kitchen for the winter. You could perhaps purchase some rugs to be placed around your kitchen area which makes your kitchen seem more inviting and comfortable during the cold winter months. You can also change small aspects of your kitchen such as cabinet handles and cookware which is a smaller collection of changes in comparison to a redesign. Consider materials such as copper for that rustic winter-friendly aesthetic and a look that is very fashionable in the kitchen design world currently.


Consider the Options You Have Available!

Winter Design Trends


You can consider all of the fantastic winter kitchen design options that are available and pick and choose as you please. The wonderful thing about designing your kitchen area is that your kitchen is unique to you and no kitchen is alike. Let your personality shine through with a range of kitchen design options and take inspiration from the many kitchen ideas that are currently available and that are popular. If you are looking for more winter kitchen design ideas or want to find out more about kitchen design trends in the winter then ensure that you visit our kitchen showroom today! Alternatively, you can speak to the experts at Mode Designer Kitchens & Bedrooms using a contact form on our website or telephone our expert friendly team today on: 01782 610 999

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