Classic Kitchens

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Classic and Shaker kitchens are the embodiment of simplicity. Combined with functionality and craftsmanship, the timeless look and feel of the Classic Shaker kitchen give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your kitchen design will never go out of style. Popular in white cream and shades of grey, the classic shaker kitchen creates an open, welcoming effect.

Shaker kitchen doors and cabinets feature a flat center panel and square edges and come with minimal detailing. This unadorned ornamentation guarantees you a lifelong style that will never go out of fashion.

5 Piece MDF Woodgrain Shaker

Our 5 piece MDF woodgrain shaker kitchens create the aesthetic of a timber door with visible grain detailing. Create a unique kitchen with our hand-painted service.

1 Piece MDF Skinny Shaker

Our 1 piece MDF skinny shaker is another range that redefines the look of shaker kitchens. The 60mm narrow frame and one piece door creates a more contemporary minimalist feel and is constructed from solid 18mm MDF.

Timber Skinny Shaker

Our timber skinny shaker is a new generation of shaker door with its narrower frame creating a more contemporary aesthetic.

Timber Shaker

Our timber shaker door provides natural beauty in the kitchen with V grooves and visible timber grain.

1 Piece MDF Shaker

Our 1 piece MDF shaker reinvigorates the shaker door style, with a more contemporary narrower frame design and tactile smooth painted matt finishes for a stunning kitchen.

5 Piece MDF Smooth Shaker

If you’re looking for on trend styling with a wide audience appeal, then look no further than our 5 piece MDF smooth shaker.

Timber Beaded Shaker

Create a stunning classic kitchen with our timber beaded shaker. This shaker timber door has internal beading around the frame for extra detail and visible timber grain.

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