Handleless Kitchens

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Handleless kitchens boast a minimalistic look and sleek and streamlined feel. Their popularity continues to grow. With such a fantastic range of colours, features, and other kitchen design elements to choose from, this is truly a versatile kitchen style that you can add your unique touch to. Choosing a handless kitchen helps create the feeling of having more space.

About Handleless Kitchens

This kitchen design incorporates a handle into the cabinet door or drawer itself. A ‘J’ shaped curve is built into the kitchen cabinet for fingers to easily hook into and pull open. Unlike a J-pull, a true handleless kitchen cabinet has no built-in ‘handle’. Instead, there is a rail behind the door or drawer which creates space for fingers to grip and pull open the furnishing. These units can be opened from either the top or the side.

Painted Matt J Profile

Our painted matt J profile is a shining light in contemporary kitchen styling. The elegant J-pull door design creates today’s most popular sleek ‘no handles’ look. It’s practical too, because the deep, wide J-groove is friendly to fingers of all sizes.

5 Piece MDF Handleless Shaker

Create a new aesthetic in the kitchen by pairing a narrow frame shaker door in 5 piece MDF handleless shaker cabinets for a true handleless look.

Painted Gloss J Profile

Our painted gloss J profile kitchens offer minimalist styling at its best with ‘J’ pull designed doors creating handleless kitchen doors with a smooth design.

Timber J Profile Shaker

Our new J profile shaker range is an exciting, eclectic mix of materials and design. Manufactured from true timber, with a narrow contemporary frame width and an integrated handle.

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