Make the Most of a Small Kitchen Space

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Make the Most of a Small Kitchen Space

If you have a small space for a new kitchen here are some tips just for you. Anyone who’s lived in a student flat or has moved into a small apartment knows that the kitchen, although an important room, isn’t the most spacious of rooms, as it tends to only have the bare essentials. Storage can be a bane in your quest for a functional kitchen, as space begins to limit itself when you fill them with appliances that you may not use day to day. Depending on your outlook, small kitchens can either be a nuisance or a chic platform to personalise your abode. Through this post we’re going to give you a few tips on personalising and refining your small kitchen to perfect it that little bit more, so you can make the most out of the functional space without having to spend thousands on a re-haul.

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Clean Your Kitchen

We all know the sight of the tower of washing up that needs doing after what you thought would be a quick meal. The truth is that the clutter takes up space and makes the area look disarranged. Clean whilst you cook, that way you have more space to carry on and your won’t end up with a mountain of plates, pans and pots to wash up after your meal.

Organise Utensils by Level of Use

Storing things like sauces, spices and oils together makes sense if they get used a lot. Why not apply this to particular drawers/cupboards that you may try and separate to have dedicated storage spaces for each type of item?

Store Utensils on Top of Shelves

Out of sight, out of mind.  Or at least that applies until you need to use them. Keeping the less used or larger pots and pans above head height leaves space for more things in cupboards and drawers. You save space and you can easily grab the items if and when you need them.

Using Your Oven To Store Pots and Pans

Having limited space is a re-occurring factor in a small kitchen; it can limit even the most methodical stacker. Whilst the oven isn’t in use it is practically a large metal cupboard. Store things like your metal pans and baking trays to save space in other cupboards, just make sure you take them out when turning it on!

Keep Your Walls Light and Bright

Moving on to aesthetically renovating your kitchen, if you have the ability to paint your kitchen, aim for tones of whites, creams or soft beiges. This will help the area to feel bigger and brighter.  If a completely white room isn’t your bag then an accent wall can be painted to balance out the mix, just make sure it isn’t to vibrant otherwise it will stick out like a sore thumb. This alone will help the room look bigger by tricking our conception of depth, whilst also creating a less dingy space. 

Keep to the Essentials

We all like to be equipped for the job but in reality, there are definitely a few appliances we don’t use as much as we think we do. Its time to turn the hoarder inside of us off for a moment and think about the things we actually need in order to save space. Ditching the ice cream maker you used once or the sous-vide cooker you used for a month helps de-clutter your space and helps to free up storage, a decent culling of your appliances is probably the best way to save space in your kitchen.

Utilise Natural Light

As well as brightening up the space, a nice window can give the illusion of a larger area. Don’t burden your windows with blinds and curtains, leave it open to let as much light in as you can. Besides, who likes to cook in a dull and dingy kitchen, let the light fill your kitchen.

Consider Open Shelving & Hanging Items

If you drew the short straw and are really limited for space, why not install some shelves? As well as using hooks to hang cups, utensils, knives or even pans. This utilises empty wall space that frees up storage room, whilst filling the walls with subject matter.

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