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Kitchens Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Finding a new kitchen is an exciting process which does take a fair amount of research and preparation. Whether you are in need of more space in your kitchen or a different kitchen area to work in, a redesign of your kitchen ensures that you can completely change your kitchen space and the functions and features of your new kitchen space. A kitchen renovation may take place when you have recently purchased a property and want to change the current kitchen but it can also be appropriate for when your old kitchen isn’t offering you the functionalities that you need.

Mode Designer Kitchens & Bedrooms have offered kitchens and kitchen design services for our customers in Newcastle-Under-Lyme and the surrounding areas for many years. Whether you are looking to renovate a property you have purchased or feel that your older style kitchen is in need of an upgrade, our kitchen design and installation team can help you. In this article, we will discuss the ways in which you can renovate your kitchen completely and other ways that you can carry out a smaller re-design rather than completely changing your kitchen. If you are looking for kitchens in Newcastle-Under-Lyme or kitchen designers in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, contact Mode Designer Kitchens & Bedrooms today or telephone our kitchen design team directly now on: 0178 261 0999

Renovating an Entire Kitchen Space

An entire kitchen space may not reflect your style or the style of property that you are looking to achieve. This is also true for the functions of the kitchen as you may have a completely different cooking style or need more appliances in their kitchen. Sometimes it’s not just enough to add additional appliances and you will find that a complete redesign of your kitchen is a great way to utilise the space and have access to the appliances that you need. Experienced chefs or individuals that need specialist equipment in the kitchen may also be considering a redesign to make their kitchen more versatile and so renovations are a great way to add appliances to your kitchen. You can also change the aesthetic of your kitchen in terms of colours, contrasts, tiles, surfaces and cabinets. Although a complete redesign of your kitchen will naturally include changing colours and choosing surfaces, there are ways in which you can carry out a smaller scale redesign which lets you completely change the look of your kitchen without having to completely rebuild your kitchen space.

Clever Ways to Redesign Your Kitchen on a Budget

You may be looking to spruce up your kitchen but have a more strict budget or do not require additional appliances or a large scale kitchen renovation. Changing surfaces in your kitchen as well as cabinets and worktops is a fantastic way to modernise your kitchen without having to completely change the space that you are working with. Changing the colours of your kitchen can subtly change the entirety of your overall design and this is possible for a fraction of the budget of a complete redesign. If you are thinking about what you can carry out in your kitchen to carry out a redesign then our kitchen design team can help you. We can offer suggestions on what you may need to change as well as how to achieve this with your budget.

“Do I Need to Upgrade My Current Kitchen?”

Kitchen Island Newcastle-Under-Lyme

The November edition of our kitchens article informs you of when to identify when you need a new kitchen as well as how we can help you design your brand new kitchen.

You may know all about the benefits of redesigning your kitchen space but you may be asking yourself, “how do I know when I need a new kitchen.” Some signs that you need a new kitchen may be more obvious than others but if you are sitting there nodding to the following indicators, it’s more than likely time to think about your next kitchen design project for your property.

“I’m Finding it Hard to Get Around My Kitchen!”

Problem – One of the most clear indicators that you need to upgrade your kitchen is if you are finding it very difficult to get around. Your kitchen may have been designed for fewer residents or you may now have more family members around the house which is making it more difficult to get around and cook in your kitchen area.

Solution – potentially consider changing the layout of your kitchen to an open plan design or changing the layout of your kitchen so it’s easier to get around. As the open plan kitchen has become a more and more popular style, you may be able to smash a wall down and create a larger kitchen area or link the kitchen to another room.

“I’m Not Happy With My Current Kitchen!”

Problem – Another obvious sign would be that you are not happy with your current kitchen. This may be because you can’t cook the foods that you want to cook or you aren’t happy with the aesthetic of the kitchen area for example. Your kitchen could have been designed by a previous owner of your property and everybody’s preferences are different. Your kitchen may have been designed in a different style period which is another reason as to why you may want to upgrade your current kitchen.

Solution – Get in contact with one of our friendly expert kitchen designers. We can assess your requirements, find out what you aren’t happy with in your current kitchen and work out a solution that suits you!

“My Kitchen Isn’t Suited for Dinner Parties!”

Problem – Many older kitchens were solely used as preparation areas for parties with the dining room being the preferred area to eating in the kitchen. However, the role of the kitchen has changed dramatically with many homeowners deciding to eat in their kitchen area.

Solution – Again you will definitely want to think about a re-design of your kitchen area. It’s clear that your kitchen is not suited for your current requirements so you will need to take action in designing your new kitchen area. Visualise areas that you could change or perhaps consider building a kitchen island in your kitchen area. This will allow you to see where you can implement changes to make your kitchen more accessible and attractive to guests. You can even consider changing your kitchen to an integrated kitchen where your handy appliances can be tucked away under cabinets when guests visit your home.

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Kitchen Designers Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Our kitchen designers are readily available to design your kitchen area and to offer advice on the renovation and redesign options that are available. We offer a free 3D kitchen design service to show you how your kitchen will look after the design process and we endeavour to offer our expertise to help you design your dream kitchen. Whether you need an entire renovation of your kitchen space or are looking for smaller scale changes for now, our kitchen design team are highly experienced. We have designed numerous kitchens for our customers in Newcastle-Under-Lyme and our experience will ensure that you can design the perfect kitchen. If you are looking for kitchens in Newcastle-Under-Lyme or kitchen design in Newcastle-Under-Lyme then enquire with Mode Designer Kitchens & Bedrooms using an online form on our website or telephone now on: 0178 261 0999

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