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The New Year is the time in which numerous homeowners decide to revamp or upgrade their kitchen. This may be due to the fact that it’s a busy time in the property market or due to the fact that many homeowners want a fresh start to the year.

Mode Designer Kitchens & Bedrooms has many years of experience designing and installing kitchens in Macclesfield. In this article, we have compiled the top design trends that may take over in 2019 as well as why you may want to consider redesigning your kitchen in 2019. If you are looking for kitchens in Macclesfield or kitchen design in Macclesfield then enquire with Mode Designer Kitchens & Bedrooms using an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 01782 610 999.


Why Upgrade Your Kitchen in 2019?


As mentioned, it’s always a very busy time of the year in the property market during the New Year. This means that many may be looking to carry out upgrades on their property in order to move into another property or they may have purchased a property and have a new kitchen area that they want to make their own. Although it’s not recommended to carry out an extensive re-haul of your kitchen area when you are imminently going to sell your property, there’s no doubt that a clever and modern redesign of your kitchen can be the centrepiece of your property and this can even increase the overall value of your property. You can carry out small changes to your kitchen area that can make noticeable differences without having to redesign the entire kitchen area. This is also a good idea because potential homeowners are likely looking at a property that they would like to live in and not a kitchen area that has already been designed for them.


If you are currently unhappy with your kitchen area and are looking for a New Year’s resolution then why not consider redesigning your kitchen area? There’s a great deal of kitchen designs that are becoming more and more popular (we will come onto these in a moment) which can completely change the way that you use your kitchen space. If you find that you are restricted by your kitchen or need more space or equipment to cook the food that you love then it’s probably time to think about redesigning your kitchen space. We offer a free 3D kitchen design service to help you visualise, plan and budget your new kitchen and our experienced kitchen designers have many years of experience in the kitchen design and installation industry.


Now that we’ve talked about the reasons as to why you may want to install a new kitchen. Lets move onto the latest design trends and predicted popular styles of 2019:


1. Changes to Shelving Units


One aspect of your kitchen that is always popular with those looking to redesign their kitchen space is their storage units. This extends nicely to shelving units with a rise in popularity of open shelving seemingly on the rise. Similarly to the style of hotels and shops, open shelving is a popular solution and replacement to upper cabinets and can be used to transform your kitchen space.


2. Traditional Kitchens Still Maintaining Popularity


The traditional kitchen design is set to still be a popular option in 2019. With the effortless integration with modern designs; traditional fixtures and lighting, taps and worktops as well as natural stone will likely be highly popular kitchen designs in 2019. Traditional kitchens offer a rustic appearance that is a homage to the past and combining this with sleek modern designs can create a stunning and inviting kitchen space.


3. Copper and Gold Designs Still Take Prevalence


Metallic colours and designs seem to becoming more and more popular and we mentioned the prevalence of gold and copper in our kitchen design trends of 2018 article. The gold and copper designs are seen mostly on faucets and taps or cabinet handles and look very effective when combined with lighter colours for example. The combination of copper or gold designs can add a sense of class to your kitchen and small changes can be adopted on a strict budget to incorporate this into your kitchen design!


4. Interior Garden Areas?


Although you may not have creating green areas in your kitchen at the forefront of your mind, many kitchen owners (a trend that has been been adopted by professional chefs over the years) is including a herb garden or hanging herbs in your kitchen. Not only can this add to the rustic appearance of your kitchen, but who doesn’t love cooking with fresh ingredients and fresh herbs. The fresh herbs can also add a wonderful and natural fragrance to your kitchen area.


5. Changing the Kitchen Sink?


Although the kitchen sink seems like one of the most conformed and more traditional areas of your kitchen, this may be set to change in 2019. There have been some very interesting and quirky kitchen sinks created which have even included cutting board areas that can be placed within the kitchen sink area. Although this may be one of the more quirky design trends of 2019, perhaps you may want to consider using your kitchen sink area for additional functions – especially if you find that you have a lack of space in your current kitchen.


6. Kitchen Cabinet Handles are Still a Point of Interest


With the wide range of kitchen cabinet handles that are available, kitchen cabinet handles and handles around the kitchen are always a point of interest, especially when carrying out a small or extensive kitchen redesign. There’s a huge range of kitchen handles and cabinet handles that are available which you can choose from to suit your kitchen design and design tastes. Look out in 2019 for handles and straps as well as indented handles which pushes forward the modern yet minimalist design. Redesigning your kitchen handles and cabinet handles is a simple yet effective way of transforming the look as well as the functionality of your kitchen.


7. Emphasis on Lighting


We mentioned in our kitchen design trends of 2018 article that lighting was becoming more and more of a prominent and important feature of the kitchen space. With the various types of fittings and lighting systems available, many homeowners have assessed and changed their light fittings or lighting systems in their kitchen. Not only can clever lighting emphasise the elegance and beauty of your kitchen, it can also serve as a highly practical feature also to help when you are cooking or to illuminate darker areas of your kitchen.


Design Your Kitchen in Macclesfield Today


Kitchen Design Macclesfield


With the expected kitchen design trends of 2019 being highly interesting, now is the perfect time to consider redesigning your kitchen space. If you feel that you are restricted by your current kitchen or want to change the look and feel of your kitchen space then enquire with our team of expert kitchen designers today. We can help you envisage and execute your perfect kitchen design and can help you with the design process, the fitting of your kitchen and aftercare of your kitchen area. If you are looking for kitchens in Macclesfield or new kitchens in Macclesfield then enquire with Mode Designer Kitchens & Bedrooms using an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 01782 610 999.

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