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Kitchen Design and the Future. What is the Future for Kitchen Designs?

Technology is forever changing around all fields of life. Technology is becoming extremely important in kitchen design because of the new uniformity that technology is absorbing. Smart technology is adapting into kitchen technology therefore this has stimulated production of a vast array of extremely interesting products. What themes are new developments considering and how are these driving future and current kitchen designs? We are visiting the KBB exhibition in Birmingham and this year it is focusing on future technology in the kitchen!

Who visited KKB in last year?

  • 14,000 industry professionals
  • 49% audience senior decision makers
  • 61% intended to make a purchase within 3 months of the show
  • 38% of audience had a budget of £100,000+
  • 34% of audience retailers including Bathstore, John Lewis, Wicks, Homebase, Ikea, Sapphire Spaces and Cotswold Kitchens
  • 10% of audience developers and house builders including Barratt Homes, Redrow Group, Aedas Architects, Persimmon Homes, David Rogers Associates
  • 10% of audience interior designers
  • 4% of audience International Visitors

The 2025 Future Kitchen Design Prediction

Ikea produced an interesting project utilising smart developments and predicting how the future kitchen will be affected by developments in the future world. Several predictions were made in terms of influencing technology based on the kitchen

  • Water is set to become more precious. Technology will be developed to focus on reducing water usage to not only save money on water use, but to become much more environmentally friendly.
  • Disposing of waste needs to drastically change in the next 10-50 years if we are to not begin to irreversibly impact the planet. Environmental impact of household waste is extremely important and technology tackling reusing and recycling waste generated in the kitchen environment will be vital in the years to come.
  • Casual technology is becoming key. Instant food delivery, utilisation of smart touch screen technology, easier cooking, faster recipes and thermostat control via wireless are all aspects that are being developed or have bene developed at tis moment in time. As technology in the kitchen continues to develop we  should see vast increases in the emphasis of convenience and ease of use in the home.
  • The UN has predicted that 74% of the worlds population will live in the city by 2050. This is a shocking statistic and reflects why it will be so important to utilise space, convenience and eco-friendliness in the near future.

How do these aspects of kitchen technology affect kitchen designs?

Kitchen Designs of the Future
Kitchen Designs of the Future

These key areas are the driving point for new kitchen technology. Environmentally friendly technology is one of the key driving factors in future inventions. Technology will be one of the things that we can use to combat the growing issue of waste polluting the planet. On a more personal note, ease of access and use is also extremely important. Technology recently has aimed to reduce stress and to eliminate time consuming activities and this goes hand in hand with the kitchen and kitchen appliances. Instant food delivery when food is low is an extremely interesting concept as it also serves to eliminate the stress of ‘the weekly shop.’ No matter what aspect of new technology appeals to you personally, there is an interesting aspect for every single customer and this makes new kitchen developments an extremely exciting prospect.

Is learning about developments in kitchen designing technology important?

The future is forever changing. It is extremely important to be up to date and informed about current developments in the kitchen and kitchen appliances industry. Although pioneering products are often extremely expensive, you can quickly purchase new technology for a good price before it becomes much more expensive due to popularity.

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