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Steps To Building Your Kitchen

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When designing your dream kitchen, there are many elements you should consider that are going to end up building up your kitchen space. We go through 10 important steps you should think about when taking on your kitchen build.

1 – Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is quite important as you may find a few months down the line; your design isn’t as optimal or suited to you as you may of thought. Perhaps the position of the fridge isn’t the best or your cooker is at an awkward angle. This is where showroom kitchens can come in handy as you can use these bases as a really good point of inspiration

2 – Think About Storage

The biggest mistake people can make when designing their kitchen is not integrating enough storage space as they feel they need to cram every appliance since it’s a new space. Some people don’t realise that a lot of the kitchen space should really be dedicated to storage as plates, pots, pans, glasses and other miscellaneous kitchen ware needs to be stored to keep the kitchen organised and aesthetically “clean” as a cluttered kitchen isn’t very attractive.

3 – Safety

This step may differ depending on your lifestyle, as the addition of children will heavily alter you safety precautions, although items like fire alarms, slip resistant flooring and counter top height will be generic in the average kitchen. Considerations like this will keep the chance of accidental burns down, which is ideal for a safety precaution.

4 – Consider Lighting

Depending on your outlook on your kitchen space, your lighting should really be an important aspect of your build, as lighting is going to have to illuminate your kitchen correctly. You don’t really want as single kitchen light as your going to create dark spots in the kitchen, so consider a pair or set of lights that is going to light up your kitchen space very well.

5 – Power Consideration

A consideration you should make in your first draft should be if you have the appropriate fuel lines for your cooking appliances, as this is a mistake many homemakers come across half way through their build and realise that they are going to have to rip out half of their kitchen to install these lines they were missing. Make sure you have these gas and electric lines and avoid any woes after.

6 – Surface Area

The amount of surface area is another element that is overlooked as people try for the minimal look whilst they don’t think about the actual usage of the kitchen space. Think about your usage and the appropriate amount of storage you need, so you won’t regret the lack of space they have.

7 – Fresh Start

Depending on your budget, re-using your old kitchen appliances may be the only option, but if you can consider new appliances, then go for it. Aesthetically, using older appliances that don’t suit your new kitchen creates a very mix and matched theme, which isn’t ideal, so having new appliances that will work with everything, is the best scenario you can have.

8 – Odour Woes

Lingering smells are definitely not suited for the kitchen, so the idea of the smell of grease and oil from last week’s meal really isn’t nice. Choosing a high quality induction hood will rectify this, as the filter will stop any smells for hanging around.

9 – Talking Rubbish

Waste management is another consideration you should make, as bins can be very well suited to your kitchen, or it could stick out like a sore thumb. There are also some bins that can be installed on the back of your sink cabinet that creates a hidden look, which could suit some people’s kitchens. If not there is always a mix of stainless steel bins they can opt for which gives your kitchen that touch of modern class.

10 – Grounded

This can relate to your safety, as anti-slip flooring should be a thought when building your kitchen. Whilst a tile floor is attractive you could be creating a potential safety hazard, as a wet floor paired with a non-porous floor don’t mix well. Flooring should also be thought about with wear and tear as some types of flooring are going to wear out faster than others. Hardwood floors may be attractive but around areas of constant use like the front of a fridge or washing machine, there will be more obvious signs of wear than everywhere else.

Mode Kitchen Designers, can design and install your new Kitchen in Stoke, regardless of the shape, size or design of your available kitchen space. Call today on 01782 610 999

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