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Alderley Edge Fitted Kitchen Design

Taking on a kitchen build By Mode Kitchens

Many people delve into kitchen re-design projects without the proper mind-set, preparation and understanding of appropriate kitchen design. Many aren’t informed of what it actually involves to create your dream kitchen, as they might just think it’s a drop and go style situation. We like to think kitchen design takes a keen eye to the attention you should be paying even to the smallest aspects you wouldn’t normally consider.

Mode Kitchen Designers can create your Fitted Kitchen Design in Alderley Edge, regardless of the shape, size or design of your available kitchen space. Call today on 01782 610 999


alderly edge fitted kitchen design

Alderley Edge Fitted Kitchen Design


Designing a kitchen for your home is a big undertaking, as it is going to cost time, money and energy. It’s you have an eye for it, it’s going to be stressful and sometimes challenging, and we feel this isn’t an aspect a lot of people consider as it is going to take some time for your new kitchen to materialise into your dream kitchen space. Even though it can be stressful, we’ve seen homeowners talk about how much they love and enjoy their kitchen space, so we feel for the investment of your time and energy; it’s a worthwhile expenditure.


Before you go into dismantling or installing your new kitchen, you need a specific goal in consideration. The team at Mode Kitchens can help you design a perfect kitchen that is going to fulfill your every need. With their new 3D design software, they can create your personal kitchen layout, and integrate any appliance, cabinet, worktop or design aspect you desire, so you can get a bespoke design that you can visualise before you delve into anything.

Your kitchen really is the hub of your home, as it’s a personal space where you can prepare your food, reflect on your day and catch up with your family. Creating a welcoming experience when you’re in the kitchen is quite important, as you want to be able to enjoy the space you’re in, rather than delving into the deep end straight away and realising in hindsight you would of rather chose something else or went with another choice.

The best guidance we can give you for kitchen planning is to understand your needs and correspond these to your facilities. If you have a need for a lot of storage space, then focus on the cabinet space. If you need a larger cooking station then dedicate more space on a range cooker. There are steps you can take to help facilitate your needs so it’s vital you know what you need and want out of your new kitchen. You’ll be starting from a fresh slate when designing your kitchen, which is a rare opportunity when it comes to interior design.

A second thought you should consider is the budget you want to allocate to your kitchen, as it is ultimately going to cost you. Some people see this opportunity as a new chance to re-vamp their most used space, so they go full board and go for everything they’ve ever wanted. We think that with a kitchen space, you should be happy with your usability, considering you’ll be in a property for an average of 6-7 years so it’s best to optimise the kitchen for your needs.

Mode Kitchen Designers can create your Bespoke Kitchen Design in Alderley Edge, regardless of the shape, size or design of your available kitchen space. Call today on 01782 610 999

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