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Stoke Kitchens

Stoke Kitchens- Components of a kitchen for sale 

We have the leading kitchen showroom in Stoke-On-Trent with one of the biggest displays. We go above and beyond to that your kitchen is tailored to you in every which way you desire.  

When designing a kitchen, it is important to consider every aspect in order for the final product to reach your expectations and requirements. Utilising the space available is crucial when constructing a kitchen as it will make allow you optimise your everyday kitchen experience. This is especially important if you have a kitchen which is on the small side.  

If you are considering a new kitchen, feel free to ring one of our Stoke team who will be more than happy to advise you on any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can arrange for a free home design visit and receive a quote. Give us a call on 01782 692 654. 

Types of kitchen, Stoke-on-Trent 

A fresh new kitchen can give your home a whole new lease of life. The kitchen design you choose will give your kitchen an air of individuality and character.

Open plan kitchens are extremely popular and on trend. Having enough space to move freely in the kitchen so that more than 1 person can be involved in the prepping and cooking is something very appealing. Open plan kitchens often have integrated designs to accompany them. Furthermore, handleless designs are also a sought-after accessory in an open plan and modern kitchen.  

Traditional kitchens including shaker kitchens are another popular choice when designing a kitchen. If you want a kitchen with classic proportions and a timeless appeal then this could be the type of kitchen design for you. Painted wood in variety colours gives off a homely feel.

The finish and colour coordination of your kitchen cabinets, kitchen units, kitchen island and kitchen worktop is a key factor to take into consideration when designing the kitchen. Perhaps you want all your surfaces and units to match in colour and material or maybe you want to have a variation of whites and greys. 

These are just some examples of that we have to offer here at Mode Designer Kitchens & Bedrooms. Our customers also have the option of designing an entirely bespoke kitchen tailored to them.

If you any questions about the designs and services we offer please give us a call on 01782692654  

Kitchen Island, Stoke-on-Trent 

stoke kitchens

A kitchen island is arguably the centrepiece of any kitchen. If you are a person who likes to entertain then a kitchen island is the perfect kitchen accessory for you. Lay out your family buffet, or stand around drinking and chatting with friends whilst waiting for your takeaway to arrive. A kitchen island can be made even more useful by adding in-floor wiring, plumbing, and gas lines. This creates the possibility of having an undercabinet fridge, a sink, a microwave or power socket station. Extra storage space can also be added below the kitchen island to optimise space even further.
Our kitchen planners and designers can advise you on the best options to fit your kitchen tastes and needs.  

Kitchen cabinets and units, Stoke-on-Trent

Kitchen cabinets main use is to store away cooking items, food and culinary equipment such as plates, dishes and cutlery. More recently appliances such as ovens, dishwashers and fridges and integrated into kitchen cabinets.

We will customise the shape, size and dimensions of your kitchen cabinets in order for them to fit perfectly with the requirements of your kitchen. We do a selection of kitchen wall cabinets, corner cabinets with rounded corners to match your kitchen units.

Kitchen Planner

With the help of a kitchen planner, you can formulate all your wants, ideas and requirements of a kitchen into a real design plan and transform those visions into a reality. If you trying to decide on your new kitchen then it is highly recommended that you contact us here at Mode Designer Kitchens & Bedrooms and work alongside us to create something suitable for you. We offer a range of kitchen planner services, which includes our 3D kitchen design service. With our years of experience, we are more than happy to recommend specific designs, colours and styles that we feel would enhance your kitchen. Once the final design is chosen down to the most intricate detail, we will install everything for you. 

If you feel that it’s time for a new look for your kitchen then please ring us on 01782692654 and book a free home design appointment where one of our experts will arrange to a home visit and then discuss your options and any requirements you may have. Alternatively take a trip down to our showroom in Stoke-on-Trent, ST4.  

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